Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Beer, Sweet Beer

Seems that beer sales in Citizens Bank Park are usually cut off after the seventh inning. Tonight's game starts in the bottom of the sixth. You can run the numbers yourself, but no matter how you add it up, it equals a riot, right?

Wrong: they're changing the rules a bit:

Will beer sales be cut off after the seventh inning? No, says David Freireich, spokesman for Aramark, which operates all the park's concessions. "Today is considered a new event," he said. So the brew won't stop flowing at the 7th. Sources at the ballpark – including some beer vendors – said beer sales would be stopped at the start of the ninth inning. So should the Phillies win in 9 - thereby clinching the city's first championship in 25 years - fans are likely to have beers at hand for what's bound to be a wild celebration.
At least someone is planning ahead in this World Series.

(Thanks to Blaze, ShysterBall's Director of Black Ops, for the heads up)


Anonymous said...

Baltimore had (has) an ordinance that no beer sales on Election Day until polls close. One September Tuesday years ago was the primary election and the O's had a twi-night double-header which started at 5 or 5:30. But the polls didn't close until like 8. So all the fans for Game 1, well you can imagine!

Anonymous said...

anonymous is really Friend of Blaze