Thursday, October 16, 2008

And in Philadelphia . . .

Folks know how to celebrate:
Traffic snarled on certain sections on Broad Street from Snyder to Pattison avenues, in South Philly, as people spilled onto the street causing a tight one-way lane. Some people hung out of their cars waving and screaming as crowds, as thick as the perfect Mummers Day New Year's Parade, poured champagne and beer onto other revelers.

Strangers embraced and laughed together, and some even cried.

Others set off fireworks at Broad Street near Oregon Avenue. Some celebrants took the old-school approach and stood on street corners banging pots and pans, while motorists conducted a car-horn symphony.

In Center City, hundreds of people spilled out of bars, screaming and spinning shirts over their heads.

Meanwhile, thousands of fans celebrated on Cottman Avenue near Frankford. Dozens of cops from several law-enforcement units monitored the joyous chaos that unfolded on the streets of Mayfair. No serious incidents were reported, police said.


matt said...

I would have given anything to be down in South Philly last night. I found some Phillies fans in Pittsburgh to celebrate with, but it just wasn't the same. I wonder if the national media will even notice that the cops said there were no major incidents.

Kritical Man said...

Don't they know it's not a real celebration without flipping cars and burning couches?!?? I think Columbus Buckeye fans could teach these people a thing or two!

Craig Calcaterra said...

Maybe that's why I was so impressed, KM. I mean, without a dozen dumpster fires, how do they know they won anything?

/Go Bucks