Monday, October 20, 2008

Too Soon

Amazingly, Jason Varitek didn't feel like talking about his future in Boston while icing his knees mere moments after losing a dramatic seven game series.

I understand reporters have a job to do and that getting a juicy quote to kick off the Sox' offseason in that situation would be pretty spiffy, but really, is there anything in Varitek's history or makeup that leads anyone to believe that he is going to choose that moment to send a verbal missile to the Red Sox' front office or to offer the beginnings of some sentimental goodbye to Boston fans?


Jason @ IIATMS said...

CC, mind if I share an unrelated story, just because your post title brought me back:

College, senior year. My roommate finally convinced our hot neighbor to come back to his room. From the living room, me and the other roommate are doubled over in tears, hearing her yell/moan:

"it's...too...soon! it's...too...soon! It's...too...soon!"

I know this is a family blog, but thanks for the laugh this AM.

(let me know if you want me to delete this!)

Craig Calcaterra said...

Feel free to keep it up, Jason.

Lord knows your roomate didn't.

mooseinohio said...

There is really no way to follow this stream without a) having to add a NC17 rating b) potentially destroy the political aspirations of some close college buddies or c) act like that never happended, make my comment about the media not understanding time and place when asking questions and come off as one who cannot enjoy some male bonding with some well timed but slightly inappropriate and off color but definately funny humor.

Jason @ IIATMS said...

No, he handled it just fine. it was too soon for them to be doing whatever they were doing. It lasted long enough for us to call friends and put the phone to the door. Or so I think. Maybe not.

NC17 rating thusly approved.

Anonymous said...

CC. If you were Theo Epstein how would you address BoSox holes at catcher, middle relief and shortstop?

Craig Calcaterra said...

Man, I don't know Anon. I don't really have my hot stove pants on right now. As a completely unoriginal thought (I've seen others mention it), Texas is a team with some catching surplus and might make a good trade partner. I don't know how you go about filling middle relief holes other than to just plug random people in and hope it works. OK, maybe that's a bit flip, but it strikes me that whenever you see a team with strong middle relief in the postseason, that's kind of what they did. In other words, you can't relly expect to go out on the free agent market and fill it.

These will obviously be things I put my brain to a little more once the WS is over.

mooseinohio said...

Theo has lots of talent to make a trade with Texas or others for a catcher as well as Jake Peavy (the Sox and Padres have been trading partners in past and Theo's started his career there).

As for Varitek his time may be over with the SOx if he is not willing to give a serious home town discount given his poor offensive performance and decreased ability to throw out runners. Granted his preparation, ability to work with the pitchers and pitch selection has been a major asset to the Sox success it will not last past the next few years, even if he resigns. So one way or another Varitek will not be behind the plate in 2011 or 2012 - if you can get what may be a replacement this offseason do you make the move now or try to hold of the inevitable for a few more years (at the expense of an out in the batting order).

I'd hate to see Varitek go the route of Dwight Evans and put on another uniform but if Varitek and Boras push to hard I believe Theo makes the call sooner than later to begin the post Jason Varitek era.

Anonymous said...

CC and mooseinohio,

What do you do with Julio Lugo?

mooseinohio said...

Regarding Lugo - you pay someone to take him off you hands or trade him for another teams bad signing straight up and hope you get something back. Along those lines heard there may be a match with the Tiger for Nate Robertson as the Tigers will jettison Renteria and will need a SS.