Thursday, October 30, 2008

Target Field Taking Shape

Minnesota Public Radio's Chris Dall took a media tour and has some pics of the place, set to open in 2010.


matt said...

And people complained about the weather in Philadelphia during the World Series....

Seriously, who decided an open-air stadium in Minnesota would be a good idea? Selig is salivating as he contemplates the number of Twins' series he has to move to Milwaukee for The Good of the Game.

Craig Calcaterra said...

Matt -- in all fairness, today it's in the 60s and sunny in Minneapolis, and what would be gametime tonight will be clear and in the upper 50s. Same with tomorrow. There's some rain beyond that, but nothing in the 10 day forecast for Minneapolis is any worse than what was seen in Philly, either in terms of temps or precipitation.

Weather can be a crapshoot, but let's remember that they played outdoor major league ball in Minnesota for 20 years before the dome, including a World Series in 1965.