Monday, October 27, 2008

The right of the Mets to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed

Actually -- and not to get too political -- but the right is infringed quite a bit in that while David Wright and Carlos Delgado were granted permits to have guns in their houses, Delgado was denied a conceal carry permit:

First baseman Delgado, 36, applied for a permit to carry a gun - which was denied - but was granted permission to keep one in his Upper East Side apartment, according to a source familiar with the process . . . To qualify for [New York City] carry permits, applicants must show documented threats against them or prove that they routinely transport cash or valuables in business.
I'm a big flamin' librul and everything, but this piecemeal gun regulation is a load of crud. My old man has never had an enemy, never has any cash, and is prone to shakes and stress and nervous outbursts and all manner of things that don't go well with guns, yet he has a conceal carry permit by dint of living in the Great State of Ohio. Meanwhile, between April and June of this year, there may not have been anyone in greater danger of being assaulted on the streets of New York than Carlos Delgado, yet he can't arm himself.

For shame.


Mark said...

Not that I'm basing this comment on past precedent or anything, but perhaps professional athletes should be kept away from firearms of any kind.

Craig Calcaterra said...

Mark -- you have your facts wrong. The Dark Lady shot Roy Hobbs with HER OWN gun.

Mark said...

You know, she saved countless lives by taking Hobbs out before he could go bad.

dtro said...

Can he carry gas cans and machetes? Cuz that could be plan B.

Wait, why do these mooks need guns again?

tHeMARksMiTh said...

Maybe Heilman should think about getting one as well. He'd probably shoot it sidearm and miss the mark, but it'd scare the hell out of his attacker.