Tuesday, October 28, 2008

They Could Call The Place "Third Base"

Someone wants to put a strip club next to Safeco Field in Seattle:

Longtime Seattle adult-entertainment figure Roger Forbes wants the city's permission to open a Déjà Vu strip club in a building about 400 feet from the home of the Seattle Mariners.The Mariners are not happy.

They have filed a formal objection with the city, saying the city should not allow nude
dancing a home-run's distance from a place where there have been 3.9 million visits from children between 1999 and 2007.
This being the Mariners, that is a purely theoretical home run, but the point is taken.

According to the article, the Mariners' are basing their legal position on an ordinance that makes reference to "public parks." Allow me to play King Solomon:

The strip club shall be prohibited from opening if and only if the Mariners choose to treat their park like any other public park, including but not limited to diverting all revenue received from the park -- which was, of course, funded by the public in the first place -- to the city's coffers.


(link via BTF)


O. Handwasher said...

Hypothetical homers...heh.

And it's almost like you don't approve of public funding for sports venues...

Craig Calcaterra said...

What on EARTH could have given you that idea? ;-)

Anonymous said...


Snark most excellent. Of course 400 feet south of the Stadium is in the warehouses. I doubt that 3000000 kids have gone down there.

mkd said...

The Mariners could argue Deja Vu shouldn't be allowed to open its new location because Safeco Field is actually the reincarnation of William Henry Harrison (our 9th President) and they'd probably get the injunction approved.

The City of Seattle haaaaates strip clubs.