Wednesday, October 15, 2008

And That Happened

Rays 13, Red Sox 4: Say what you will about Chip Caray, but he turned a phrase turning the 6th inning that pretty much summed it up: The Relentless Rays. They have simply given Boston no quarter in this series, and despite the precedent of 2004, the Red Sox will not be coming back from being down 3-1 this time. To paraphrase Rick Pitino, Curt Schilling is not walking through that door. Dave Roberts is not walking through that door. Manny Ramirez is not walking through that door. Jason Varitek and David Ortiz might, but their walk will be more of a limp this time.


Eric said...


we left in the first inning after a weird sinus attack on my gf.

turned out to be the right move.

Michael M said...

I do love Boston, but Tampa Bay is the story of the year and I really want them to take it all. Joe Maddon's done a hell of a job.

Anonymous said...


Never say never, but I like Dice-k tomorrow. However, in his immortal turn of phrase "apres moi, le deluge." Roughly translated, after me, we get bombed.

Pete Toms said...

I was fortunate that I had the federal election results to watch last nite instead.