Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Darryl Strawberry Needs More Convincing

Darryl Strawberry, when asked about the amazing feats of Longoria and Upton, which some have described as comparable to Strawberry-Dykstra circa 1986:
For those two players, what they’re doing is remarkable. They’re having fun. There’s no pressure on them, so they’re just playing. There are no expectations on them. Let’s see what happens to them next year when there are more expectations.
Well, yeah, I suppose they could start doing mountains of blow and taking steroids like he and Nails did respectively. So yeah, better to withhold judgment for the time being.


Michael M said...

I get what Darryl is saying - as a Cubs fan, I've noticed just how differently guys can play under more pressure, sigh - but if Evan, BJ and the rest of the guys were going to bail out under pressure, wouldn't they have done so while Boston was breathing down their necks in the standings all season? Especially towards the end of it? These guys just show no signs of fatigue, slowing down or choking. This is the team that's going to set Tampa Bay up for their first set of glory years.

Grady said...

Does anybody else notice that often times when we compare young players to older or retired players, we speak about the stats, but the comparison correlates to a likeness in physical appearance too? Not just body type, either, I mean facial features as well.

I've noticed this with a number of A's prospects, and in general around the league. And I've always thought BJ had a similar build and look to Darryl.

Maybe I'm stretching... But I've developed this feeling that sometimes more comparisons are made BECAUSE of a physical likeness rather than a true similarity in stats.