Tuesday, October 28, 2008

SB Nation Gets a Bunch of Venture Captial

Let's hear it for Blez!


Pete Toms said...

Is blogging going corporate? The cool kids won't do it anymore if it does.

Jason @ IIATMS said...

Pete: except Corporate pays! And those VC are major upper tier guys. Cash no object. Quite impressive.

Pete Toms said...

Jason, I recently read a quote in SBJ ( I can't recall who ) that there are a lot of "undercapitalized" blogs / sites that should be seeing significant investments soon.

Anonymous said...


And it's no small trick to pick up funding right now. The key piece was the ad revenue sharing in exchange for equity in the blogs. How much ad revenue is retained was left unanswered.

Out here in Silicon Valley, most venture funds are suggesting that companies hunker down and conserve cash because there won't be any "next round" of funding anytime soon.

Clearly ad revenue (ie, the Google model) is still a charm, despite predicted ad revenue drops.

Jason @ IIATMS said...


I used to know/work with a number of VC's, back in the early 00's. I should make some calls. Of course, they are all probably retired by now. Bastards.

Though truthfully, the SB Nation concept is the only type that I can see being funded. Critical mass is the only thing that drives revenues/ad sales, obviously.

Maybe they can cobble together some of the up and coming bloggers (seamhead blogs 3.0) and remake the model.

I'm up for it!