Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Deep Thought

If the British and the people in all of the lands they once surveyed have survived 500 some-odd years of multiple-day cricket matches, can't we just suck it up and deal with a multiple-day Game Five without complaining too much?


matt said...

My problem isn't the fact that they stopped the game; it's the fact that they didn't stop it earlier. I know Selig said he wouldn't let a World Series game end in under nine innings no matter what, but it sure seems MLB did it's damndest to wait until Tampa tied it up to suspend the game (and hey, new rule that no one noticed: the score does not revert to that of the beginning of the inning!)

rob said...

And people wonder why football is more popular.

Ron Rollins said...

Could we please stop using cricket as a reference when referring to baseball.

Please please please.

I'll pay money.

Craig Calcaterra said...

Ron -- I'll admit that my reference to it was specifically designed to enrage bigcat, Mr. Thursday, and all of the other Philly fans this morning. I'm not proud of this, because they all have a legitimate reason to be mad, but if you can't use your blog as a social experiment, what good is it?

bigcatasroma said...

Mission accomplished, Craig. Mission accomplished.

I'm seeing white. I can't read anything about the Confrontation Clause. Because all I want to do is confront Mr Selig and go bananas.

Actually, I want to say to him, "Bud, YES WE CAN!" We can break the yolk of those punks at Fox! YES WE CAN!" We can determine our own outcomes, we can look after the interest of baseball, not now or for the next 5 years (that you're still in office), but for the next 50 years! YES WE CAN! You've been placed under Murdock's control. We can break that control. YES WE CAN!"

bigcatasroma said...

Hey Rob, football is more popular because people in this country like violence and manipulated, manufactured drama more than the game itself. That's why FOX did what it did (FOX made the decision, not MLB or Selig. I'll believe this to my death).

Ron Rollins said...


Understand completely.

I'm just being overly sensitive.

One more reference to rounders by another Brit and I might have to burn my visa.

rob said...

Who says I was talking about American football?