Friday, October 24, 2008

And That Happened

Rays 4, Phillies 2: It wasn't a thing of beauty, but we continue to hold to script. Shields > Meyers, and the Rays do just enough on offense to get the job done. Jimmy Rollins is now 0-10 in the series, which isn't getting the job done. David Price gave up a run, so he isn't God after all. But that's cold comfort for the Phillies, who now find themselves in the same position the Red Sox found themselves in the ALCS and, really, all season: they threw a punch at the Rays, but it only grazed them. The Rays have now jabbed back to get Philly off balance, and now comes the roundhouse right.


Levi Stahl said...

My favorite moment was Baldelli's throw to double off Werth. It was one of those plays that looked like it was executed with sheer willpower--the speed with which he got off that throw, snapping it over there with just the forearm, was amazing.

I felt bad for Werth there: he was maybe a step too far, if that, and got beat.

Rays do look very, very tough.

bigcatasroma said...

I think exactly what went right for the Phillies in game 1 went wrong in game 2. Calls by umpires, hits that didn't fall, etc. Just watching the pitchers, "big game" James missed his spots consistently. The Phillies, like all season, had several guys put up donuts, while one or two got 3 hits. They win when only 1 guy puts up donuts, and three or four guys get 3 hits. That could always happen. But I don't think Shields outpitched Myers. They were both medicore.

Richard Dansky said...

And with the missed HBP on Rollins in the 9th, both sides now have their Denkinger moment.