Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Great Moments in Blog Data

I realize that Cole Hamels is having a pretty good game so far, but I don't think that warrants the five (5) attempts some person in Douglassville, Pennsylvania has made to search for "Cole Hamels Naked," only to wind up on some innocuous post I made about the guy last week.

And yes, I realize that I just compounded the problem with the verbiage of the previous paragraph.


tHeMARksMiTh said...

How do you even know that?

matt said...

Hey, Cole can do no wrong. I'd prefer a shysterball post, but if I find Hamels minus skivies, I'm not complaining.

I know a lot of people picked the Phillies to win the game only lose the series, but hey, the Phillies haven't won since I was born. What an intense game. I'm not sure I can take three more wins like this.

Craig Calcaterra said...

Mark -- my statcounter (and most that are out there) can tell you what searches brought people to the site. I don't have time now, but maybe later today we can talk offline and I can tell you how to set one up for your blog too.

Crowhop said...

::ahem:: shameless plug.

Anonymous said...

Just curious... what makes you think it was a "guy" who was searching for Cole Hamels naked?

Craig Calcaterra said...

Note: I said "some person." Based on statistics I'm actually assuming it was woman. But ShysterBall does not discriminate, and if that search has brought with it readers who subsribe to an alternative lifestyle, I am more than happy to welcome them into the fold.

Besides: everyone around here dresses so terribly and the dancing sucks. We could use a little of the Queer Eye for the Blog Guy, in my humble opinion.