Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Great Moments in Superficial Comparisons

A, um, novel take on David Price from The Guardian's Michael Tomasky:

As I watched Price, I thought: This guy is the Obama of baseball. He's young, gamine, in a light-skinned black man (might even be bi-racial), "inexperienced," but cool as an ice cube under pressure.

Then lo and behold, what happened yesterday? Obama had an event in Tampa where he was introduced by...David Price! Life's always interesting.
Alright then.

And speaking of race . . .


matt said...

Oh, good. The media's injecting race and politics into the World Series. Can we work religion in there somehow and make this thing really interesting?

Pete Toms said...

I can't stand Richard Lapchick, but I think he makes a valid point in Shaikin's article that it had to be harmful to MLB's popularity amongst African Americans to see Bonds vilified by the baseball media & white fans ( are there any other in MLB? ).

Seton Hall comissioned a poll released in May 06 which concluded that, "35 Percent of African-Americans Think Bonds Singled Out Due to Race; Only 2 Percent of Non African-Americans Agree"

Obviously there are more important factors which have contributed to this situation.