Tuesday, October 28, 2008

36 year-old Leftfielder/DH (Los Angeles)

Available: 36 year-old left fielder/DH with below-average bat. Bargain! Bonus: will forever be known as only man to play for teams in California, Anaheim, and Los Angeles of Anaheim(whatever that is).

  • Location: California

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    Daniel said...

    Booooo. A lifetime OPS of 105 and recent years of just below or above 100 say he's exactly an average hitter, thank you very much.

    Normally, I'm very levelheaded about these things. As much as John Lackey has meant to the team, I would be inclined to let him go after this season. As much as K-Rod has done, I'm more than willing to part ways.

    But I really hope the Angels can re-sign Anderson to a 3-year deal at 5 - 7 million per year, keep him in Anaheim to get his 300 homeruns, 500 doubles and 2500 hits (with a very outside chance at 3000 hits if he plays mostly full-time for four seasons). Sorry, I'm letting sentimentality rule the day on this one, and no one, including stat guys who can explain in very clear logic that he is overpaid and underperforming, are going to convince me otherwise.

    I've enjoyed watching GA play in Anaheim for the last 14 years, since he got hosed on the Rookie of the Year ballot by Marty Cordova. As a baseball fan and a fan of players who never consider themselves bigger than the game, I want to see him stay.

    Alex said...

    Wasn't he named the "Best Angel Ever" by ESPN's bit on every franchise's best player?

    Anonymous said...

    APBA Guy-

    I have to like this move. LAA needs to find more offense, and though they have not subscribed to the high OBP school of team building, they have, like Minnesota, built a team on good situational hitting and and high BA, along with pitching and defense.

    Still, they have to get more run production, and with Vlad an increasinly likely left fielder/DH, that meant Garrett has to work for a lot less and accept a part-time role, kind of like Matt Stairs.

    Christopher said...

    Seriously. Can we bring an end to the lame Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim jokes? It's been three years.

    Daniel said...

    Alex, I'm not sure, but that probably should have been Tim Salmon, who was both better AND known as Mr. Angel. IMO, Garret's a not-too-distant second.

    mkd said...


    Jokes about the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim withing California via Earth roundways the Sun in the direction of the Galactic Center shall never stop until they drop their ridiculous, logic-torturing name. What the Angels are calling themselves is lame and it ought to be mocked until they stop being so lame.