Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Nowhere To Go But Up

Steve Bilafer of Sports Business Journal has perused Technorati's latest State of the Blogosphere report, and notes something somewhat unexpected:

Given all the interest, passion and endless opinions about sports here in the U.S. and worldwide, you would expect sports to be at or near the top of Technorati’s list of most popular topics among bloggers. Not so. Surprisingly, sports was closer to the bottom at 16 percent, well behind other favorite topics such as personal/lifestyle (54 percent), technology (46 percent), news (42 percent), politics (35 percent), music (31 percent), film (30 percent) and travel (28 percent).
I first saw numbers like these a couple of years ago and was surprised. I mean, I spend all my time looking at sports online, so everyone else does, right? How is it possible that sports ranks so low? Bilafer suggests that its because MSM sports sites are simply far more dominant than MSM news or lifestyle sites, leaving little demand for the lone crazed blogger in the wilderness:
These survey results and Technorati’s daily rankings (based more on tags from other bloggers) can’t possibly represent the enormous Internet traffic driven every day to sports-related sites. But the fact is sports seems to be lagging when it comes to breakthrough blogs that fit Technorati’s classic definition — a site “usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video.”
I suppose that describes ShysterBall, anyway. I'm suddenly feeling more alone out here.

(Thanks to Pete Toms, who simply can't stand this meta, navel-gazing bloggy stuff, but who nonetheless sends me links like this all the time)

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Pete Toms said...

I felt a bit better after reading Bilafer's piece. If there are 20 million + bloggers in the US alone ( although as Technocrati notes, 1/2 are "professional" bloggers ) and 16% of those are sports blogs....well, no wonder nobody read my blog!

The blogging pieces I tire of are the "woe is me, it's so hard to be a blogger but I'm not MSM, I'm passionate, I don't do it for "the man"."

Long live Shysterball!!!