Wednesday, October 8, 2008

When Philly Was a Winner

Tyler Kepner has a nice personal story about how, for a few brief shining moments anyway, Philly used to be a winner. It certainly hits home for me in that, because I was born in 1973 I, like Kepner, became aware of baseball at a time when the Phillies won all the time. They had Schmidt, Carlton, and eventually Pete Rose. How does it get any more winning than that?

Indeed, to this day I still think of the Phillies as a team with a winning tradition, even if the cold harsh light of historical perspective puts lie to that notion.

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Crowhop said...

Perspective is a funny thing. I was born in '78. I remember Schmidt as a Philly, but he was declining and the team was bad. Rose was a player/manager for the Reds and Carlton was, well, I don't know where he was. I am as likely to associate Von Hayes with the Phillies as I much as I would anyone else...prior to the '93 team that beat out the Braves, that is. They've pretty much always sucked and I have liked it that way.