Wednesday, September 3, 2008

And That Happened -- Express

No recaps, but I may look at some of last night's games via some short hits throughout the day. Here's one that interests me: Cleveland 9, White Sox 3: Carmona with the win! A home run from Victor Martinez! The lead held by an inning of scoreless setup by Betancourt!

This sort of thing happens every year, but I almost find it sad when a team with such high expectations going in to the season finally puts up the expected result in a meaningless game come September. It's enough to remind fans of what coulda/woulda/shoulda been, and enough to give some hope for next season, but man, it really really hurts.


Vegas Watch said...

They're only 9.5 out. It could happen.

Anonymous said...


The Sox are a powerful offense, and what Lee and Carmona have done to them the last two nights is very impressive. Too bad they can't start over, and get CC back.