Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Ten Best Wild Card Teams

Straight from St. Louis, the Riverfront Times' blog takes an entertaining walk through the past 14 years and runs down the ten best wild card teams.

It's interesting to read the list and realize how easy it is to forget how many of the really good teams in recent years were actually wild card teams. Though I consider myself a moderate traditionalist when it comes to stuff like the wild card, I have to admit that clinging to tradition seems rather silly given how much high-quality baseball it has wrought.

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rob said...

A couple nitpicks:

1) Winning the division over the Wild Card doesn't guarantee a 5-game series with the hottest team in baseball as much as it means playing the worse of the remaining two teams. Wild card teams won't play their division winner until the 7-game LCS, if at all.

2) The Tigers, for all their misery in the 90's did in face make the postseason as recently as 1987 (Hello Doyle Alexander, good-bye John Smoltz), not 1984.