Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Palin in the Booth

Nothing ever disappears on the Internet. The LAT's Andrew Malcom tracks down audio of V.P. candidate Sarah Palin visiting the broadcast booth of a Goldpanners vs. Miners game up in the Alaska summer league.

There's really nothing of political note in the interview, but it is crazy season, so why not have some fun with it anyway? To the Democrats among you: do your best to use the content of the interview -- and only the content of this interview -- to craft an attack ad against Palin. Republicans: do the same to make a supporting ad (or, if you're really creative, see if you can turn it around to somehow attack Obama). No need to hack audio or anything, text will do.

And please, in the spirit of the season, let's keep it silly, superfluous, and as real issue-free as possible.


Dem said...

Pallin is a bad Mom. This proves it

GOP said...

Palin is such an inspiration to Americans. This proves it.