Friday, September 19, 2008

Dr. Andrews: Call Your Office

themarksmith runs down the under-25 pitchers who have (or who soon will) blow past the 30-more-innings-pitched-than-last-year mark that some have identified as a danger sign for young pitchers.

While I take note of high pitch counts in curious circumstances as much as the next guy does, I'm a bit out of my bailiwick with this stuff. So, to steal a phrase from Neyer, I link, you decide.


Anonymous said...


The "30 Over" rule is more accurately an indicator. But it's an indicator that has the Yankees protecting Joba's arm like a medieval king protected his daughter's virginity: it's best to take this indicator seriously.

An interesting SABRE problem: correlate games pitched with pitch count over 100 AND total innings increase greater than 30 with following year ERA, and also with following year arm/shoulder issues.

For answer, see Dallas Green.

christopher said...

Can we kidnap lincecum to protect him from his bosses? Sabean and Bochy have juggled their rotation to get him an extra start.