Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Day After

So far, the sentiment out there is almost unanimous. Good move firing Ned Yost. And I agree. But why isn't anyone taking Doug Melvin to task too?

If Ned Yost was the wrong guy for this team -- if his serial blunders, failure to motivate, and curious-at-best tactical decisions are responsible for this collapse -- why wasn't he terminated long ago? Anyone who follows the Brewers knows that Yost's deficiencies in this regard have long been apparent. Remember the dustup when a guy named Badger Blogger reported that Yost was going to be fired back in May? The only reason that got any attention was because folks thought that Yost's firing was eminently plausible.

Yes, Melvin should be credited if this little bit of shock treatment works and the Brewers make the playoffs. However, if they don't, should he not be blamed for either (a) failing to realize that Ned Yost was a liability until way too late or (b) realizing it a long time ago, yet gambling that it wouldn't ultimately bite them?


Chipmaker said...

Melvin was nothing special during his tenure in Texas. Yes, the Rangers won three AL West titles, but that was more despite Melvin than thanks to him. When he got the GM chair, the entire offensive core was in place. He re-signed Pudge Rodriguez because Pudge wanted to stay and didn't play hardball (Melvin was on the verge of trading him). He NEVER developed or signed any worthwhile pitching. Got a bit lucky by squeezing out one good season each from Darren Oliver and Kevin Elster. Signed Palmeiro when he begged to come back from Baltimore.

But there was never a real plan, and he was never willing to get solid pitching (had a disturbing fascination with Kevin Gross). And so, the Rangers had a quick postseason exit.

When he finally was canned, I was not at all sorry to see him go. And he had a serious budget with the Rangers! It is no surprise that he's done less with less in Milwaukee. Yes, Sabathia is his big prize to date, but if the Brewers miss the playoffs, Melvin needs to be the fall guy, because he'll have earned it.

Anonymous said...

The Brewers are run like a family business still. Not a bad thing necessarily, but they are predictable in their loyalties. Keeping Yost around had to be tied up in dollars and continuity. We'll see if they hire a non-Brewer. At least the heat will be on Melvin now that they are without manager and likely their 2 top pitchers.

Anonymous said...

Why should there be heat on Doug Melvin? His free agent signings haven't all worked out as hoped (Supan, Gagne), but others have done as expected (Cameron, Kendall). But let's face it, the Brewers have one of the best home grown lineups in the majors. Braun, Fielder, Hart, and Hardy are all Brewers draft picks. So was LaPorta who Melvin turned into CC for more than half of a season. For a relatively low-budget, small market team like Milwaukee, good drafting is essential and Melvin should be credited with some of the success of the scouting department.