Monday, September 29, 2008

Programming Note

The law is taking me on a trip to middle-of-nowhere Missouri today and tomorrow and on to Detroit Wednesday and Thursday. While I'll almost certainly be checking in from my various hotel rooms in the evenings and early mornings along the way, posting is going to be rather light this week. This is going to be something close to miserable for me -- call me a geekwad, but I am never happier than when I'm blogging -- but such is the way of the world.

In the meantime, please make a point to peruse the blogroll to the left and click through to as many of those sites as possible. I am stingier than many when it comes to those things, but that means that you can be assured that I read and value all of those joints and believe that you will enjoy them every bit as much as I do. Well, maybe not Gleeman. I just read him in the hopes that he'll post pics of that chick from The Office.

Be talkin' to you randomly,



mooseinohio said...

Hopefully the wife won't read the 'I am never happier than when I'm blogging' comment or we may have a longer absence to deal with.

Don't worry about not having time to blog as the airport delays should provide suffienct time to write - heck a book may be forthcoming.

Ron Rollins said...

As someone who is from "middle of nowhere Missouri", I'll have you know that it is indeed the center of the universe, and we let the rest of you swirl around us in awe and wonder of our good luck in being from Paradise!!!!