Thursday, September 18, 2008

Brian Sabean Has a Job

More than half a million hard working Americans have been tossed out of work since January, but thank God Brian Sabean still has a job. And it now looks like he's going to keep it even longer!

Here's my take on it all over at FanHouse.

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Anonymous said...


I still contend it isn't all Sabean's fault at AT & T. Le Cirque du Barry was more about following the owner's wishes, and the steady stream of "veteran" players like Durham, Aurilia, and Vizquel followed logically from that path.

Look at the team this year and you see a core of good to great young pitchers, some speed and defense, and even the occassional pop on offense. They won't contend in the NL West next year unless Cain and Sanchez get to the next level and the run differential gets closer to positive, but they can get better.

I think there are worse GM's. Just look up the Coast in Seattle.