Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happiness Is . . .

Happiness is getting done with your meetings early;

Happiness is finding an earlier, more convenient flight than the late one on which you were previously scheduled;

Happiness is just how user-friendly the Kansas City airport seems to be. The counter is right next to the security checkpoint, there's a serviceable Mexican place right next to my gate, and the beer, she is cold. Moreover, the in-airport wi-fi is simple -- one click baby -- without any of the nonsense you usually have to deal with.

Happiness is being able to be home in time to catch the Sox-Twins game.

Business travel stinks, but the happiness bar is set so low that it's not hard to feel really good about it if just a couple of things break right.


Joshua said...

Best airport in the country, from a functional standpoint. Painless, fast security and no longer than 3.5 hours from anywhere in the continental US.

Jason @ IIATMS said...

I'm jealous. I have to normally slog thru the NY area trifecta of disasters. (Though Westchester County is still right out of the 1950's; car to gate, including security, in 5 minutes, tops!)

San Diego's airport is pretty nice, too. Still small and quaint.

Ron Rollins said...

Welcome to our world. I used to fly in and out at least every three months. I could show up less than an hour before my flight and never have any problems.

Come back when you can stay longer. Lots more to see.