Tuesday, September 23, 2008

More Spring Training

Because of the World Baseball Classic, reporting dates for spring training are being moved up:

Players will start reporting to training camps on Feb. 14, under an agreement between the players' association and the commissioner's office. Exhibition games will start about Feb. 25. In most years, pitchers and catchers open workouts 45 days before opening day followed by position players five days later. Under that schedule, workouts would not have begun until Feb. 20.
As a blogger this is good news for me because players in camp = more stories filed = more stuff to riff on. As a common baseball fan, however, this is a slight drag in that it extends that "man, I wish the real baseball season would start already" feeling that I always get after seeing my first couple of spring training games.

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Babe Herman said...

I'm thinking this adjustment in spring training, and the later starting date for spring training, are due to the World Baseball Classic.