Monday, September 15, 2008

Repoz Remembers

Bronx's Banter's Belth is running down a list of Yankee Stadium memories. Today's is a treat, as baseball's best blogger, Repoz, provides a beam of semi-consciousness remembrance of an encounter between his crew of nogoodnik eve-0f-the-Seventies slackers and then-New York Yankees' President Michael Burke:

In between games Mr. Burke was laying his usual solid craic from his dugout box, when four kids slowly walked down the then-unchained aisle and tossed a full pack of Chinatown's finest under Mr. Burke's seat. It made an explosive blamm-o of a sound not heard at The Stadium since Tony Kubek got a special invite to the Bill Virdon Laryngala Ball.

Naturally, the nearest burr-headed souse of usher stumblebummed into action, yelling at the top of his Yuenglings…"I'LL GET THOSE FUCKIN' N*****S!"

But a shaken Mr. Burke (obviously still suffering from severe CSR's thanks to the Hermann Göring Panzerkorps pulverizing 1943 fall tour of Salerno) said something that has stayed with me forever…"No, no. They're only kids having some fun. Let them be."
As with all things Repoz, the whole piece works best with repeated readings, a decent soundtrack, and a lot of patience. And of course, getting there is half the fun.

And though I've linked it before, if you liked that, you'll definitely like this.

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