Monday, September 22, 2008

Last Post on the Stadium. I Promise.

Billy Crystal, who apparently has carte blanche when it comes to the Yankees, reflects in the pages of the New York Times:
If stadiums are the cathedrals of baseball, or in my case synagogues, then I have been worshiping at the same place for over half a century. The Stadium has been the safe room of my house of memories. Who would have thought that I would become a good friend of Mantle and his family? Who would have thought that Joe Torre would become one of my closest friends and would have me, still an O.K. player, work out with the team before World Series games because he felt it relaxed his players? Who would have thought I would get to recreate the old stadium to perfect detail when I directed “61*”? As I got older I appreciated it more.
Yes, thank goodness he got to recreate the old stadium to perfect detail. All he had to do in order to accomplish this is to go to a genuine baseball cathedral -- Tiger Stadium -- and deface it with green paint. Not that I'm bitter or anything.

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