Monday, September 15, 2008

Speaking of Naming Rights . . .

A poster over at BTF this morning noted his disgust that rather than merely affixing the name of its bank to the new ballpark in Queens, Citigroup has placed its actual logo everywhere.

He shouldn't worry about such things. Based on the way the financial sector is going lately it will probably be called "In re the Bankruptcy of Citi Financial Field" come spring.


bigcatasroma said...

Or "The Denied-Federal-Bailout-Goldman Sachs-Purchased-Citigroup's DebtsandAssets" Field.

It will be interesting, with all of the failed banks, mergers, and financials failing, to see what some of these ball parks are named in a decade or two. Any chance the names return to the "good" old days when they are named after gum or beer, or even, heaven forbid, "veterans"?

Michael M said...

I await that too, bigcat. I am so sick of the corporate baseball environment.

Pete Toms said...

Not baseball, but topical on the subject of naming rights. From Richard Sandomir ( I found it @ The Sports Economist ).

"The Giants and the Jets face moral and public-relations questions as they negotiate the possible sale of the naming rights to their new stadium with Allianz, a Munich-based insurer and financial services company with disturbing connections to Nazi Germany.

Allianz insured facilities and personnel at concentration camps like Auschwitz and Dachau. Kurt Schmitt, its chief executive in the 1930s, served as Hitler’s second economics minister and can be seen in a photograph from a rally wearing an SS-Oberf├╝hrer’s uniform and delivering the Nazi salute with Hitler standing in front of him.

Like other insurers in Germany at the time, Allianz followed anti-Semitic policies by terminating or refusing to pay off the life insurance policies of Jews, and sent cash that was due beneficiaries and survivors to the Nazis.

It also became the insurer of Jewish valuables taken by the Nazis."

Oy, in NYC of all places. Jason, how's this playing out in NYC?

NPJ said...

Godwin? You there?

Brian said...

I probably never would have noticed this. But if it ends up annoying me every time I go to Citi Field, I'm going to blame some of the people in this room.

Chipmaker said...

How long did "Ameriquest Field" last? Three seasons?

"Enron Field" was, what, two?

They. Just. Do. Not. Get. It.