Monday, September 22, 2008

Baltimore Comic-Con

Friday night at Camden Yards will be one of the few times that SABR memebrs won't be the geekiest people at the ballpark:

Comic book super star, Jim Lee, will help kick off the 9th annual Baltimore Comic-Con at Oriole Park at Camden Yards Friday, September 26th. Jim will throw out the first pitch before the Orioles meet the Toronto Blue Jays and then sign autographs for fans at the ballpark to help awareness for the weekend convention next door.

"We know how well he can draw Batman -- let's see if he can throw a strike," promoter Marc Nathan said.

Fans for the convention can witness this themselves, as the Orioles are offering a discounted group rate for visitors coming into town for the Baltimore Comic-Con. Tickets begin as low at $8 for both Friday and Saturday nights' games.
As both a comics and a baseball geek I, unfortunately, would be beat up and given wedgies by both the SABR and the Comic-Con crowds if I were to attend.

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Marcel said...

I wish I lived somewhat close to Baltimore. Jim Lee is my all-time favorite Batman artist.