Thursday, September 18, 2008

Lyman Bostock

ESPN's Jeff Pearlman has written an excellent feature story about the death and life of Lyman Bostock.


JamesR said...

Wow, what a great feature. Good work Jeff.

On a much lighter note, National Talk Like A Pirate Day is tomorrow, 9/19!

JDS said...

I was an 8 year old Angel fan when Lyman Bostock was killed, and at the time it had so much more of an impact than when Thurman Munson died the following year (even though I was a fan of Thurman as well). I remember early in the season when Bostock was not doing well but he made a game-saving catch slamming into the wall -- as soon as I heard he died that image (and the call by Don Drysdale on TV..."Bostock, back at the wall....HE'S GOT IT! HE'S GOT IT!") became seared in my mind forever. A really wonderful story about a too-soon gone, too-soon forgotten man.