Friday, September 19, 2008

"Bud Killed Us"

The Astors are taking whining about the Cubs series in Milwaukee to a whole new level, and Richard Justice isn't letting them get away with it:

If the Astros let the trip to Milwaukee do this much damage, shame on them. It would be easy to assume that considering the T-shirts some players were wearing Thursday afternoon. Those shirts had a simple message.

“Bud Killed Us”

Yes, indeed. He sent them to a place they didn’t want to be and had them play two games they didn’t want to play.

Never mind that Drayton McLane and the Major League Players Association agreed to the switch. Never mind that MLB had the matter thrown in its lap because McLane refused to call off the Cubs-Astros series until it was too late to send the teams to a true neutral site over the weekend. MLB even offered to send a second plane to Houston to take family members to safety.That said, there’s no way the Astros should have been playing in Milwaukee Sunday night after two stressful, sleepless nights.

There’s also no way that one trip should have ruined months of good work. The Astros were right about being treated unfairly.

Life hasn’t been fair to a lot of Texans the last few days, and not many of them were
offered a chartered jet to fly both themselves and their family to safety. At some point, though, the Astros should have been able to move on.
Amen. I imagine the folks in Galveston would take major offense at those shirts. At least they would if they had power and homes and possessions and hope and stuff.

(link via Olney)


Palooka Joe said...

This does take whining to a tacky new level, but I'm still puzzled that anyone even proposed playing the series in Milwaukee. It seems like the sort of thing that would be laughed down as soon as someone suggested it.

Chris Simonds said...

Psychologically interesting typo in the first sentence. You called them the "Astors", not the "Astros". Does that make the Red Sox the "Rothschilds" and the Yankees the "Mellons" etc.?

Anyway, they all turn into a bunch of whining millionaires way too often.

Craig Calcaterra said...

Interesting observation, Chris. I'll take it up with my analyst.

I'll also note that 99 out of 100 times I write the word "Dodgers" it first comes out as "Didgers."

I'm afraid to Google the word "Didgers" because I fear that it may be something dirty.

Chris Simonds said...

Your worries are unfounded.

I just Googled didgers for you.

A - Nothing dirty
B - Apparently you're not the only one who does this
C - In Australia, a didgeridoo player is called a didger