Friday, September 19, 2008

The House That Ruth Built

We've had a ton of Yankee Stadium remembrances lately, and will get a ton more over the weekend. Appearing as they have on the Internet and on television, they have a pretty short shelf life. But if you're interested in one with a longer shelf life, there's a new book out by Harvey Frommer -- Remembering Yankee Stadium - An Oral and Narrative History of the House That Ruth Built -- which seems to provide a much more enduring and, in all likelihood, less maudlin remembrance.

Jason at IIATMS reviews it this morning.

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LC said...

Ugh! The ground may indeed be sacred, but "The House That Ruth Built" was effectively gutted after the 1973 season. If the current incarnation of Yankee Stadium ("The House That Oscar Gamble Built?") was so special, why is the team moving across the street?