Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Where Did I Put That Tiny Violin?

The New York papers are trying to make sense of this crazy world:

Keith Hernandez said he was "speechless," but his body language spoke volumes. As SNY's Gary Cohen and Ron Darling talked Sunday about the end of the Mets, Hernandez shook his head, wiped his brow and appeared both bummed and burned."This one is a real sock in the gut," he said. "I just feel like I've been blindsided, like someone hit me right in the stomach."At least Hernandez soon would be heading home to Florida and Darling would be en route to Chicago for the playoffs on TBS. What about the rest of us?

New York baseball fans and the media outlets that serve them face an unfamiliar reality. The last time there was no October baseball here was during the 1994 strike, in the primordial days of Internet-based sports debate, and at a time when the Knicks and Rangers were talk radio staples.
Welcome to the reality of, well, every other baseball city there is, New York!


Anonymous said...

Shoulda hired Gary Carter!

Josh said...

This is New York your talking about...all most of us do is watch baseball in the summer and then wait for winter to end so we can watch baseball again. Not too mention all the mindless trade talk...

That's just how we roll in NY!


Andrea said...

Oh, poor New York.

I feel so bad for them.

This season's playoffs are just further proof that small-budget teams have just as much talent and playing power as evil empires do.

Go Brewers!!!