Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ringolsby Interview

Maury Brown has a long interview with Tracy Ringolsby of the Rocky Mountain News. Lots to chew on there, but here are a couple of the tastiest morsels:

On whether a pitcher can win an MVP award again: "To be honest, I think a relief pitcher has a better chance of getting serious MVP consideration than he does Cy Young. This year is an example.I am giving strong consideration to Brad Lidge for the NL MVP."

On the players' responses to perceived awards slights: "I remember covering Seattle and Julio Cruz showing up in spring training refusing to talk to the media. He finally explained he was upset he did not receive a Gold Glove. I had to explain to him the media wasn't involved in Gold Glove selections. They are voted on by managers and coaches. We resumed conversations after that."

On last year's decision by the BBWAA to not extend membership to Rob Neyer and Keith Law: "I felt Law and Neyer should have been granted membership under the revisions made for the Internet. I found it ironic that they deal so much with how careful they are in research and then on a matter such as this, they would react based off of he-said, she-said conversations and come up with a conclusion that I was against them."

Worth noting that he dodges the question about whether the old farts in the BBWAA who never go to games have been treated differently than Neyer and Law were.

That said, I think the most interesting thing in the whole interview -- which you should really read all of -- are the facts that (a) Ringolsby commutes 120 miles to Coors Field each day from his ranch outside of Cheyenne, Wyoming; and (b) according to Ringolsby, more than 30 percent of the Cowboys in the old west were African-Americans.

The more you know.


Dre said...

This might be the 1st thing this year regarding Ringolsby that hasn't made me induce vomiting.

Mark said...

If he's tacitly acknowledging that Lidge is lapping the field in WXRL, then sure, what the heck, vote for him.

But come on. It's Pujols.