Friday, September 19, 2008

For Your League of Dorks

There's a new website out there for fantasy sports widows:
Well, here's reassuring news for fed up wives: A website called is an online support group for women married to fantasy sports freaks -- who also have to routinely put up with phrases like "three-hour drafts" and "online trading." . . .

. . . The site uses good-natured humor to talk about the perils of life with a fantasy sport nut -- and also posts articles like "How to ruin his draft" and "You know his fantasy addiction has gone too far when..." The company even sells T-shirts, hats and underwear with the phrase: "CLOSED For The Fantasy Season."
I don't play fantasy baseball, but Mrs. Shyster is curious to know if they sell that underwear with an anti-blogging slogan.

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