Thursday, October 9, 2008

Throwin' Games

Anyone remember former Red Sox/Cardinals/Giants/Royals reliever Cory Bailey? Well, he's in deep doodoo for allegedly fixing baseball games with the "T-Rex" team in the Taiwan league:

Former US major league baseball player Cory Bailey and two Taiwanese players were suspended yesterday because of their alleged involvement in match fixing, baseball authorities said yesterday. . .

. . . The scandal erupted on Wednesday when prosecutors detained six T-Rex members — including the manager and coach — and four bookies for allegedly fixing 10 matches since March.The Banciao Prosecutors’ Office said T-Rex executive director Shih Chien-hsin has confessed to using a gangster ring to run the team and fix matches.


Vegas Watch said...

T-Rex? Really?

Japan is awesome.

Ron Rollins said...

So can we use this as our excuse? That Royals players were fixing games and we really haven't been that bad for all these years?

That its just an illusion?

That there is an alternate reality?

That its all been a bad dream?

Anonymous said...

I am unable to come up with a joke involving "The Killing of a Chinese Bookie" and "Jurassic Park." Sorry.