Saturday, October 11, 2008

Salinas Loved Joe Maddon

Folks in Salinas, California have fond memories of Rays' manager Joe Maddon, who played for the Salinas Angels in 1977 and 1978:
"Back then minor leaguers were paid about $300 to $500 per month,'' former Salinas general manager Pete Ciccarelli said from his Capitola home. "Two or three guys would get together and get a place to live and split the rent. "But in Joe's case, guys would bid to get him as a roommate because he was such a good cook.'' He was famous for his spaghetti dinners . . .

. . . Maddon was not only a hungry teammate's best friend, but he was also a general manager's go-to guy. "If I needed someone to make an appearance at the Monte Mart in Seaside, Joe was the guy who would do it,'' Ciccarelli said. "He was the most popular player on the team. He would talk to everybody. If you wanted to talk to Joe, just go down to the bullpen and talk to him. He gave clinics, talked to Little League teams, did just about everything" . . .

. . . Maddon spent much of his off-season in Salinas and eventually married, and divorced, a Salinas girl by the name of Betty.

Cookin' spaghetti! Pleasin' Ciccarelli! Lovin' the Bettys! Joe Maddon did it all!

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