Friday, October 3, 2008

Quote of the Day

In retrospect balancing the book-writing, full-time at Deadspin, a small law practice, and a wife and an 8 month old son, was an incredibly dumb feat to undertake.
-- Clay Travis, now part-time Deadspin blogger, upon realizing that he simply can't do it all.

As a guy writing ShysterBall full-time, mostly failing at being a part time FanHouse blogger, sorta working on two proto-book projects, and trying to hold my own at a largish law firm while trying to find time for my wife, four year-old daughter, and three year-old son, I can relate.


Sara K said...

Three kids under the age of 5, grad studies, teaching, sleeping on occasion...yeah, I can dig it.

Blaze said...

Sorry, guys, it just never gets easier. The kids just get taller.