Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Nude Field

Really, click here and you'll see one.

So yeah, PNC Park is getting new grass, new dirt, a new warning track, a new baseline alignment, new -- wait, what?
According to Coonelly, the design of the infield will be modified to include
unique baselines and first- and third- base and home-plate cutouts, which will
provide both functional and aesthetic improvements to the layout.

"Unique baselines?" I thought that kind of thing was set by the rules. What's going to be new about it? Are guys who hit a single going to cross the mound and head for second?


Michael M said...

The bases will be underground. The chalk for the baselines will instead be wood glue.
It'll be revolutionary!!

scatterbrian said...

I'm getting a weird Caddyshack II flashback.

Sara K said...

The chalk is in 'tribal tattoo' patterns? Each baseline features scrolling ad space? An electronic "Molina line" for easy comparisons of baserunning speeds?

(I suddenly find myself hoping that there are no stadium developers among your readers.)

Anonymous said...

The chalk lines will actually be black and orange to match the Giants' colors. Won't that be attractive?

Michael M said...

Quicksand between 2nd and 3rd? 90% of the time it's the other team that gets to run that far on PNC's field, it would be perfect!

Jason @ IIATMS said...

Where's the outcry that they are taking the hallowed grounds that Jason Bay used to patrol?

Mark said...

I would presume they are actually referring to the cut of the grass along the baselines. But I do like the quicksand idea.