Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Is CC a Union Man?

Ken Davidoff seems to think that, because of union issues, CC Sabathia will take the best offer regardless of where it's from:

CC Sabathia told reporters this past week that his experience with the Brewers opened up his world. That no longer was he married to the idea of using his impending free agency to relocate his job near his West Coast home.

Some friends of the left-hander assert that Sabathia really has changed his thinking, that he spoke the truth. Others, however, still profess that they would be shocked if
Sabathia didn't choose a California club.

But there will be more forces in play than just geography or even the actual dollars. Keep in mind that, in high-profile free agency cases like this, the Players Association also plays a role. And that potential impact should only help the Yankees.
Davidoff then relates an anonymously-sourced story about how the Players' Association leaned on Jim Thome the winter he signed with the Phillies, and makes a comparison to Sabathia's situation:

Given how bad the country's economy is, and given the likelihood that the Yankees will blow other teams out of the water with their Sabathia offer, would the union similarly pressure Sabathia?
I take no issue with the notion that the union has an interest in players holding out for the biggest dollars possible, but absent any comment from Sabathia or any other piece of reporting even suggesting that CC is inclined to take the highest offer in order to advance the interests of labor, how is Davidoff doing anything other than blind wishcasting? Can't this exact article be written about the top free agent every year?


Anonymous said...


"Wishcasting" is a polite word for it, speculation is another. The MSM is reporting that the Yankee's top target this offseason will be Derek Lowe anyway, though they could change their minds and revert to Sabathia as primary. Consistent in this reporting is the notion that the Yankees will not throw crazy, stupid money at all of CC, Tex, and Lowe, especially given Cashman's 3 year extension.

Ted Spradlin said...

Opened eyes or not, it's hard to imagine a mid-market club acquiring him. If he did wind up somewhere in the Midwest, he'd be a Yankee within 3 years since it's tough to have a $25m pitcher in a rebuilding phase.

Best to go where his $25m/yr contract fits comfortably into the payroll. Find a younger, talented, deep-pocketed team like Boston or Anaheim. Or, take the money from the Yankees, knowing the money will always be there to field a 95 win team.

The guy will have 60 years to live in California, but only 10 years at most to play baseball. Take the money and play October baseball for the next 7 years.