Friday, October 10, 2008

Hats On, Gloves Off

If you thought McCain's attacks on Obama were getting ugly, take a look at John Kerry's attacks on his Republican opponent in the U.S. Senate race in Massachusetts:
Republican Jeff Beatty's campaign responded Friday to the Kerry campaign's earlier charge that he roots for the New York Yankees, accusing the Kerry campaign of dodging questions and engaging in smear tactics.

In response to Beatty's call for an examination of Kerry's ties to bailout insurance company AIG, Brigid O'Rourke, a spokeswoman for the Boston Democrat, told the Boston Globe: "In case Jeff Beatty hasn't noticed, that AIG stock he's talking about isn't looking so hot these days - sort of like his favorite baseball team, the New York Yankees."

I'm going to go on record as saying that I voted for John Kerry in 2004, but if the response of his campaign to questions about the AIG bailout are to accuse his opponent of rooting for the Yankees because he wore a Yankees hat when he was evacuated from Grenada over 25 years ago (click through for pic), well, screw him.


Ironic Goat said...

Press secretaries are sort of like DHs.

I hate the idea of them, I hate what they do to the spirit of the profession, and, on occasion, I love how exciting they can be.

Anonymous said...


That's hysterical. But as the world grows smaller, our regional differnces make for amusement. I suppose here in Northern California the only thing approaching the invective quotient of a New Englander being called a Yankee fan is for someone out here to be called soft on goat cheese.

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding? Could you really picture a Senator from the State of Massachusetts wearing a Yankees cap even at gunpoint? That's like.....actually I can't even think of anything to compare how absurdly wrong it is. Beatty shouldn't be allowed to even drive in Mass. anymore.

Anonymous said...

Kerry called his fellow vets war criminals (ie Genghis Khan remark), but this is the comment that upsets you? Jeez.