Thursday, October 2, 2008

From The Desk of Brian Sabean

The Giants aren't going to bring back Omar Vizquel. Word on the street is that they think he's too green and inexperienced. They're currently in talks with Arky Vaughan's people.

More significantly, they may be sniffing around Sabathia:

Rather than weaken the rotation, the Giants might take one bold move to strengthen it. There are indications the Giants plan to investigate the Hope Diamond of free-agent pitchers this winter, CC Sabathia, to gauge his interest in returning to his native Bay Area . . .

. . . Sabathia is going to command a massive contract, too, but could be the one starter worth the millions he gets. His signing also could provide Sabean the flexibility to move other pitchers for offense.
With the understanding that Sabathia is not Barry Zito, Does Brian Sabean really have the political capital to bring in another nine-figure free agent starting pitcher? I can't imagine he does, but then again, there's a lot about what happens in the Giants' front office I don't understand.


Justin Zeth said...

You mean like why the hell Sabean remains employed?

Craig Calcaterra said...

That's the big one.

Brad said...

I would rather see them use a fraction of that money to lock up Cain and Lincecum and spend the rest on offense instead of attempting to become the Baltimore Ravens of MLB and win every game 2-1.

mooseinohio said...

Pitching wins championships so keep Cain and sign some FA bats to help the offense until you can develop some of your own. Also reclamation project hitters like Carlos Pena tend to be somewhat easier to find their pitching equivalent.

Anonymous said...


How much of the Sabathia noise from SF is just to generate fan interest? The attendance at AT&T was down significantly in Sept, and down year over year.

Financially McGowan always complained about the burden of stadium debt, claiming it mandated a mid market approach to spending. So they had Bonds, whose salary was replaced by Zito.

My guess is that an offer to Sabathia, if one actually develops out of SF, will contain a huge hometown discount and lots of deferred money.

CC lives in Vallejo, not far from AT&T on I-80, but how much is that worth? Zito lived in the Marina, about 20 minutes across town from AT&T. He didn't take 10 cents of hometown discount. Why should CC?