Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thanks But No Thanks

Brad Penny wants to start yet this year for the Dodgers:
Activated from his second stint on the disabled list Wednesday and made available to pitch out of the bullpen, Brad Penny said he wants to start again this year and that he is "absolutely" certain that he can regain the form that made him an All-Star in each of the last two seasons.

"I know who I am as a pitcher," said Penny, who was 6-9 with a 6.05 earned-run average in 17 starts.
Hmmmm, let's see, when he went down in June, his ERA was gigantic and his team was 5.5. games out. In his absence, the Dodgers climbed back to within a half game of first. Then he came back again, stunk again and got hurt, and since he's been gone, L.A. has roared back to first place and now looks to be the favorites going away.

Anything else from the appellant before he rests his case?
Limited to two starts in the last 11 weeks, Penny said he had regrets about decisions he made this season. "The one thing that bothers me is that I should've said something," Penny said of the shoulder problems that he claims hindered him for most of the season.

Penny said he kept quiet because he felt he had to continue pitching to secure a contract for next season. He has a $9.25-million option for 2009 that the Dodgers can buy out for $2 million. "That's why I was out there trying to push myself -- because I didn't have a guaranteed job next year," he said.
So, you suck, the team has thrived without you, and you now admit that you weren't forthcoming with the training staff and management due to financial considerations. Thanks, Brad. We will consider your application to be a starting pitcher for the 2008 Los Angeles Dodgers and we will be back to you with our answer shortly.


Dre said...

hell, let him start... the Dodgers have clinched anyway. That's what happens when my DBacks go months without winning a game.

Michael M said...

Penny's just a greedy, selfish SOB. He's a multi-millionaire even if he doesn't have a guaranteed job.

Let the little rat stew in the bullpen. Clearly LA doesn't need him, barring some other serious pitching injury.

Anonymous said...

Did he really think he wouldn't get a big contract someway, somehow? His track record has been pretty good, albeit a little bit underachieving. If Carlos Silva can get $12m/yr, Brad Penny can get the same or more.

Makes me wonder how bad the injury really is. Is it Tommy John worthy? How much pain is he in now? Will it implode in his first start of 2009 and be out for 14 months?

Ned (or his successor) needs Greg Maddux for another year or two for insurance on Penny.

mooseinohio said...

To say the Dodgers 'roared' to first place is being awfully nice as 'purred past the plummeting D-back' would be more appropriate given the anemic nature of the NL West.

Eric said...

i think its interesting that j.d. drew is crushed by media for not playing when 100% and then you have penny who is playing hurt when he is obviously hurting the team.

athletes just can't win...