Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Plenty of Seats Available

This afternoon's Marlins-Braves game was played in front of fewer than 600 fans. Of course, the "official attendance" was over 11,000 because baseball is awesome at simply making up numbers. If you're a longtime Braves fan, you know exactly what happened next:

Braves manager Bobby Cox extended his major league ejection record to 143 on
Wednesday, getting tossed in the fifth inning for arguing balls and strikes.

Someone needs to get Cox to admit on the record that he deliberately gets himself run from boring, hot, low-energy games like this all the time. I don't blame him -- I like air conditioning and TV as much as the next guy -- but he is so obviously padding his ejection stats in the name of personal comfort that someone needs to think about putting an asterisk next to his name.


Michael said...

Can you imagine how much MORE boring the 2008 Braves would be without Bobby? It's a terrifying thought.

Mike McClary said...

Craig, I just paid 50 cents on StubHub for Tigers/A's tickets next Monday at Comerica Park. I think face value is $18 or something.

-- Mike

Pete Toms said...

@ Mike. The $0.50 StubHub ticket reminded me of this ( from a recent SBJ ):

"StubHub’s average transaction, meanwhile, is down to $97 for the January-June period, compared with $112 for all of 2007. Rather than tying the decline to a weakening economy, company officials peg the change to its new resale deal with MLB Advanced Media and the marked increase of lower-cost baseball inventory in its system."


Anonymous said...

Cox is obviously suffering from 'roid rage, and getting thrown out so he can apply Preparation H in the privacy of his office.

tHeMARksMiTh said...

Craig, you are officially my favorite person in the whole wide world. I literally just cracked up for about two minutes. My brothers and I talk about that all the time. There was a game in Florida two or three years ago when we swear he had a smile on his face when he came out of the dugout because he knew he was getting ejected. We knew it was because it was 100 degrees that day. Thank you for brightening my day.