Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Physics of Baseball

Exciting news from Geneva this morning, as the world's largest particle collider successfully conducted its first major test firing. As is always the case with potentially world-altering scientific developments, fear rules the day in some quarters, with many believing that the collider could create a black hole that could swallow the Earth.

This is poppycock, of course. Any black hole that the collider would create would be hyperlocalized, and would evaporate in less than a nanosecond. Far from devouring the Earth, such a black hole could only devour the smallest of things, like fermions, leptons, bosons, and the Arizona Diamondbacks' increasingly microscopic playoff possibilities.


Michael said...

Using groundbreaking physics to rip into Arizona a little bit. I like it!

rob said...

Not to mention that the Diamondback's playoff chances are approximately that of the black hole actually occurring.

Travis M. Nelson said...

Particle collider => Black holes => leptons => the D-Backs ain't gonna make it.

An interesting and unanticipated line of logic, and well pulled off by the Shyster. You really "lepton" that one !
*ducks rotten fruit*

Anonymous said...

As a Dbacks fan, I should be pissed.... but, the truth hurts.