Monday, September 8, 2008

Paul DePodesta Interview

Jason at IIATMS interviewed Padres Assistant GM (and former Dodgers GM and Moneyball star) Paul DePodesta. One answer which, if taken at face value, is somewhat distressing:
IIATMS: You seem to prefer the West Coast. Are you looking to remain on the West Coast? Would entertain opportunities elsewhere or are you staying in San Diego (or the West Coast) for a longer term?

PD: I think I’ve moved around enough and when you land in a place like San Diego there isn’t much incentive to leave. The reality is that I came here for a number of reasons, both professional (the people who work here) and personal (my wife’s family), so unless those things change I would like to stay here as long as they’ll have me.
This is problematic for me in that I have planned a series of "the Giants really need to hire DePodesta as their GM" posts for this offseason's inevitable firing of Brian Sabean.


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Anonymous said...

Having lived in San Diego for the last 6 years, I completely agree. Depo's probably earning well above the $100,000/yr San Diego single person poverty line, so he gets to see all and do all that a person would want in this town. It takes a lot of cash to really live here and experience all the cultural things, beyond of course, the lousy Padres.

I hope he stays and orchestrates some trades the way he did in LA, making that team much better that year and over the long haul. Either the Giants or Padres are a few moves from being the top team in the West.