Monday, September 15, 2008

The Last Straw

Between watching Ohio State on Saturday night, dealing with post-Ohio State game depression, and then having no power for most of yesterday, I had missed the fact that Bruce Bochy had Tim Lincecum throw 138 pitches on Saturday night. If you're a Giants fan, you're probably struggling for words with which to express your outrage. Thankfully, Gary Huckabay has done a splendid job of it for you:

That is utterly, completely, and colossally reckless, stupid, arrogant, and just plain lazy . . . The gain for the Giants having Lincecum throw those extra pitches last night was zilch. Perhaps less. The Giants were 15 games under .500 going into last night. If they win out, they could end up .500. Those pitches could have been thrown by Carol Channing for all the real world value they had . . . If Giants fans wonder why their team is in such dismal shape, last night was a microcosm of it. This organization hasn’t shown any ability to look past a single game, much less past a season and towards, say, potential stability and success. Last night wasn’t even a joke. It was a farce.
Can't say I disagree with any of that. Given how meaningless that game was for San Francisco, and given how critical Lincecum is to the Giants' future, it's the kind of thing that should get people fired.

Unfortunately, the guy who does the firing is possessed of bad judgment, short-term thinking, and is perpetually asleep at the switch. Moreover, the guy who could fire the guy who does the firing is the lamest of ducks, and won't have a job with the team in two weeks.

Attention Giants' ownership group: now is your chance to make a positive out of a pointless, abusive negative (not to mention to atone for myriad mistakes of the past several years). Clean house. Totally. Whoever replaces Magowan should fire Sabean, and whoever replaces Sabean can eighty-six Bochy. Start from scratch by putting people with brains in a position to turn this franchise around before it's too late to capitalize on the promise of Lincecum, Cain, and the few decent building blocks currently in place.

(thanks to Jason at IIATMS for the link)


Alex C said...

Lincecum is a freak who can take it. They are letting him air it out so he can make a run at the Cy Young. The blogasm about this is completely overblown.

Justin Zeth said...

Make a run at the Cy Young? Why? So he can be even more expensive to keep around in a couple years?

Jason @ IIATMS said...

He's a freak, no question, but does that make him impervious to risk, too?

I love Lincecum, but I'd concerned. I was going to write this up myself but didn't have the cycles this AM.

Let's examine Lince thru "the Year After Effect" prism, per Tom Verducci. It's got some merit. If he makes it thru 2009 with no serious arm/shoulder problems, then wonderful, but right now, I'd have him atop my list of 2009 risky pitchers.

Jason @ IIATMS said...

And in case you're wondering: here is the link to Baseball Prospectus' Pitchers Abuse Points thru 9/14 (guess who's atop the list):

Jake said...

I was at this game, and let me tell you, he still had it. The kid was still hitting 94 on the gun, had only given up 2 hits (he finished with 4), and was working on his first career shutout. He obviously really wanted this one, and IMO deserved it.

It was reaklly an awesome game to watch, BTW... I mean, it's Timmy's best outing of the year, matched up with Chris Young (who's been pitching lights out himself), and to top it all off, a little bit of knuckleballer Haeger thrown in.

I had a lot of fun.