Thursday, September 11, 2008

Can't Trust The Brits

The British are taking credit for inventing baseball!

Which is fine, because they did.

But now they're trying to take credit for discovering that the they invented baseball! That's pure baloney. For the reasons why, check out my latest* FanHouse post.

*latest = first in, like, a month, because I'm so lazy, selfish, and egocentric that I tend to post everything I think of here.


Michael M said...

"'scuse me, old chap, mind if I take this base, wot wot?"

"Oh why splendid, my good man! Not at all! I do hope you don't grab third, though, we do have to win ths game!"

"No no no Humphrey, I shall stay here at second and enjoy tea and crumpets with you. I'm not the jolly well type of blaggard to run like a bloody rabbit in front of a bloodhound, y'know."

Ron Rollins said...

Eo I need to go kick someone's ass? Just let me know, and give me an address.

I have to take shit from these people all day long. Mostly its good natured, and done over a few pints.

Except for my manager, who really doesn't like Americans. But that's another story.

I will take almost anything, to include being called Welsh (its like a Kansas-Missouri thing without the violence and hostility) and a war-mongering, invasion-happy, socially backward colonial.

But two things I won't abide by are these people showing any disrespect to baseball or being call a Yank(ee).

This just might call for disbanding NATO.

Ron Rollins said...

Of course, to be fair, after Hollywood made a movie where the US Navy rescued an Enigma machine from a German U-2 boat, instead of the British Navy, we've kind of screwed the pooch on this kind of issue.

I mean, it was the first resolution passed against America in the British Parliament since that little spat before George was president. And I mean Washington.

Of course, they might have more offended by the fact that it was Matthew McConaughey was the star of the film.