Monday, March 10, 2008

Why Coco?

The rumor is that the Cubs are offering Jason Marquis to the Red Sox for Coco Crisp. Because we live in a Red Sox-centric world, all the talk is about how Marquis isn't enough to interest Boston. I'm finding myself wondering, however, why Chicago wants Crisp.

Sure, Crisp is probably better than Felix Pie right now, but don't Pie's minor league numbers suggest that he's going to improve to more or less Coco Crisp level pretty soon? Other than jerking around your prospect, what are you accomplishing by bringing in Crisp?


joshjs said...

The Cubs do seem to have a window of opportunity right now. Essentially they're fighting for a division crown with only the Brewers, whereas by 2009, the Cards and the Reds have a decent chance to contend (by my estimation, at least).

(Also: I'm amused by the fact that you've probably just woken up, and I've not yet gone to sleep.)

Anonymous said...

Jim Hendry has an inexplicable love for light-hitting...anything. Well, especially middle infielders, but before Crisp the Cubs were looking at Marlon Byrd.

No, I don't understand it either.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand either. Youre getting a more expensive Pie. Crisp will bat way down the order just like Felix? I like Pie's new stance, he seems more balanced and patience. Crisp is not the answer, neither is trading Jason. If this is truely the year throw the sink at the O's get a true leadoff hitter and let's win! Keep Murton, Derosa and Ward, keep Pie..send some young guns to the O's and let's stay deep. I wonder why they didn't Market Dempster as a closer, since everyone seemed to over pay at that postion this off season. If Dempster's starting experiment blows up, where his value then? NO COCCO!Cubs08

Unknown said...

The other rumor has it that they want Crisp so they can give Pie to the Orioles for Roberts.

Not my idea of a great deal or anything since we've held onto Pie for so long claiming him as THE prospect. But whatever.

Anonymous said...

Don't the Sox have enough pitchers already?