Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Look of a Champion

Everyone continues to anoint the Mets as the favorites in the NL East. This despite the fact they are doing things like giving their left field job to a guy who has had one full and effective season in Major League Baseball, with that season occurring during the Clinton administration:
While his regular position is third base, [Fernando] Tatis was back in left field again Wednesday, and the Mets are making it obvious that they're leaning toward him.

There are a few drawbacks. Tatis, 33, spent all of last year at Triple-A New Orleans, logged a total of 81 games in the majors from 2005-06, and has played only four games in the outfield (three in left) since 1997.

I realize that Johan makes all the clouds go away, but Mets fans do realize that he's only going to play in like 35 games max, right?


Ken Dynamo said...

santana also affects the 35 starts that people like aaron sele or brian lawrence WONT make this year.

the mets are not without weak spots and are not terribly deep on the bench. i dont think it'll be a walk but at this point i dont see how they arent favorites.

Alex said...

I understand that the Mets have a balanced roster, with a good lineup, good rotation, and good bullpen. But none of the three are great, even with Santana (okay the rotation has the potential to be great, but it's not likely). Seems to me the Mets are still coasting on their 2006 performance as they get all these picks as favorites. Were they so great last year? They outperformed their pythag record and still finished 2nd. I don't see how their lineup will be better than it was last year, unless Delgado has a huge rebound (also unlikely, considering his age). I also understand that they're projected to win 90+ games, but their lineup seems to consist of Reyes, Wright, Beltran and a bunch of average hitters. I'm just not buying into the Mets hype yet.

Ken Dynamo said...

having a line up of reyes, wright, beltran and a bunch of average hitters is a pretty awesome lineup. all the phillies have are rollins, utely, howard and a bunch of average hitters. either could be the best in the league - tho that probably goes to the brewers.